Domain Name Change for Localvore, NH

I’m new at this blogging thing, if you haven’t noticed.  I just changed the domain address of this blog from to  If you have this blog bookmarked, please change it to the new address.  I don’t really know if it makes a difference to what anyone else sees, as I seem to have both links active for now, but that will probably change.  To me, I see two different versions of this blog: one that is the blog that has always been here and one that’s blank.

Thanks! 🙂

Dollar Match for SNAP/EBT usage at the Salem, NH Farmer’s Market

As mentioned in my last post, the Salem, NH Farmer’s Market accepts SNAP/EBT on eligible purchases.  Well. not only that, but they currently have a program where they will match SNAP/EBT usage dollar for dollar up to $20!!  Spend $20 in SNAP/EBT and get another $20 to spend at the market!  The program continues while funds are available.

Salem Farmer’s Market SNAP Match 3/2015

Can’t make it to Salem?  You can find a list of Farmer’s Markets throughout New Hampshire that accept SNAP/EBT here.  Just note that not all are open in the winter.