Nashua gets a b.good and life couldn’t be better

The amazing Adopted Luke Burger with added Vermont Bacon and a refreshing Beet-Ginger Lemonade.

I had one of the best burgers in my life at b.good in Nashua.  The Adopted Luke is a messy delight of all natural beef from Maine, smoked Gouda, bbq sauce, sautéed onions and mushrooms.  I added Vermont bacon for more spectacularness.   Amazing.  And I don’t even like mushrooms!  I guess I do, now.

You can order the Adopted Luke as a beef burger (sourced from Pineland Farms Natural Meats), or as turkey burger, a vegan veggie burger or as an all-natural chicken sandwich.  There are five other equally delicious choices, including the seasonal Joanie with avocado, spicy slaw and sriracha.  They also have oven-finished fries, sautéed veggies and seasonal Butternut Squash Soup.  But that’s not all.  There is a great selection of salads and “kale & quinoa” bowls that are newer additions to the company’s menu and have become big hits.

I went into b.good with the idea that its focus is on local food, but that’s not exactly true.  The focus at b.good is on “real” food.  That means, for example, that when you want to have pumpkin milk shakes on the menu for Halloween, you’re not squirting pumpkin-flavored goop into your vanilla shake, you are sourcing out and roasting real pumpkin to make that shake.  The added bonus is that they try to source their food as locally as possible.  The pumpkin in that milkshake came from Lanni Orchards in Lunenburg, MA.

b.good wants you to know where their locally-sourced food is from

There’s a large chalkboard with a map of New England displayed prominently on the wall, identifying exactly where their locally-sourced product comes from.  Unfortunately, nothing from New Hampshire, (except maybe the kale that they grow right outside their door in the non-winter) but the tomatoes are from Backyard Farms in Maine, potatoes are from Szawlowski Potato Farm in Mass, and butternut squash is from Marini Farm in Ipswich.   Other seasonal vegetables are from Dick’s Market Garden in Lunenburg, cheese from the well-known Cabot Creamery in Vermont and the amazing bacon is from Vermont Smoke and Cure.

A fresh, delicious and filling Local Apple and Bacon Kale and Quinoa bowl featuring bacon from Vermont, apples from Mass and kale maybe from one of b.good's own gardens.
A fresh, delicious and filling Local Apple and Bacon Kale and Quinoa bowl featuring bacon from Vermont, apples from Mass and kale maybe from one of b.good’s own gardens.

Of course, not everything is locally sourced.  We’re not told where the turkey or chicken comes from, and the avocados are surely not from around here.  It may be too much to expect of a growing franchise restaurant to be entirely locally sourced, but b.good spends a good deal of time trying to get the most without sacrificing quality and competitivity.   Down in Boston, where the franchise is based and there are six locations, they grow their own produce on the roofs of buildings.

b.good in Nashua has been open a few months.  It’s located on the South End of Nashua, at 219 Daniel Webster Highway, across from Best Buy and next to the new and popular Not Your Average Joe’s.  I am so glad they are here and I suggest you go and check them out.


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